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Tend Skin Liquid Instructions

skin sensitivity

Any client who is NEW to Tend Skin should have a 5-minute test patch performed on a small area of skin before full application of product. If there is no reaction, proceed with full application.

existing ingrown hair & razor bumps

Clients with pre-existing ingrown hair problems should have a bottle of Tend Skin Liquid for home use. Apply the product twice daily prior to hair removal. Ideal times to use the product would be after showering in the morning and before retiring at night. This approach will begin improving appearance of existing ingrown, making in-salon hair removal much cleaner and neater.


Apply after procedure to the area in sufficient amount only to dampen the skin. After 15-20 minutes all skin redness should be gone. You will leave the salon with skin free from redness. There may be slight stinging when applying, but it will pass almost immediately. Appearance of post wax skin bumping should be minimal the next day. Use of product may be unnecessary for at least a week after procedure unless ingrown hairs remain, as it takes time for hair to grow enough to form an ingrown hair. Then, apply Tend Skin 2-3 times weekly to maintain ingrown hair free skin. Weekly application may be adjusted for individual depending on skin and hair type.

laser hair removal

After procedure, apply a thin layer to clear redness and minimize next-day bumping. To ensure full penetration of laser light, do not use before procedure.

African-American Men & PFB

Do not use electric clippers in areas where PFB sufferers have razor bumps. A close shave is necessary to allow product time to work before hair curls over into adjacent skin to form a razor bump (See Air Shave Gel). Instruct clients to use a sharp razor and discontinue using clippers. Razor must be discarded after 1-2 uses, this is critical as dull blades make more razor bumps. Apply Tend Skin with a cotton ball daily after shaving. For best results, shave daily.

For Best Results

razor blades

Blades are made from low-grade steel. If you use a dull blade you may find that Tend Skin Liquid does not work to clear the appearance of ingrown hair and razor bumps. The blade should always feel like new.

close caps tightly

This product is solvent based. If the cap is not tightly sealed after each use, the alcohol will evaporate and will shorten the product’s shelf life!

loofah pads

We strongly recommend against the use of abrasive scrubbing (loofahs, buff puffs, shower puffs, etc.) It can lead to increased ingrown hair formation and works against the product.



Three questions you should always ask yourself before applying Tend Skin:

are you allergic to aspirin?

Do not use Tend Skin Liquid if you have or suspect an allergy to aspirin. Symptoms include itching, hives, redness, and difficulty breathing.

are you pregnant or nursing?

Tend Skin Liquid has not been tested on pregnant or nursing women, therefore we advise that these women avoid use of this product without first checking with their physician.

have you recently had any skin treatments?

Do not use Tend Skin Liquid with other “medical” or salon strength exfoliant treatments (AHA’s, Glycolic, even Accutane etc) unless otherwise advised by a doctor. Do not use Tend Skin Liquid when using depilatories. The combination of agents can lead to chemical burning of the skin or skin discoloration.

Keep away from children. Flammable. In case of eye contact, flush with running water. In case of ingestion, contact physician or poison control center. Damaging to dyed/finished surfaces such as leather, wood, clothing and may also tarnish jewelry – avoid these surfaces.


ingrown hairs that do not want to lift
  1. Long existing ingrown hairs: If ingrowns have been present for several months or longer, the product will need more time to show results. Ingrown hairs will continue to grow even though they are turned under the skin. People have reported finding ingrown hairs up to one inch and longer! If this is the case, the hairs can be gently teased to the surface. Do not tweeze the hair! Just lift the end out from under the skin, and then remove it using your preferred method of hair removal. Tend Skin Liquid will keep you free of ingrown hairs once this initial “lifting” is completed.
  2. Dull razor blades: People having difficulty with ingrown hairs and razor bumps should use a fresh razor blade each time, or every other time, they shave. The blade must not exhibit any drag across the skin.
  3. Epilators/Electronic Hair Removal Devices: Conversations with many individuals who have bought these devices have convinced us that they can make ingrown hair problems worse and cause surface injury to the skin.


Can damage follicles and make ingrown hair problems worse. Do not tweeze!


If your skin is wet when you apply Tend Skin Liquid it may sting. Make sure your skin is dry. An “after shave” sting is normal.


Isopropyl Alcohol, Water, Propylene Glycol, Acetylsalicylic Acid, Cyclomethicone, Glycerin

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